A Book About Breakups

Romantic relationships end. New lovers take the place of those who came before them. For many of us, this will happen again and again and again.

The end—that protracted period of angst—is an integral part of the relationship, one that reflects and refracts how it started, too. Why are we afraid to say out loud that “forever” rarely is?

In this book, twelve writers furrow the texture of those months, days, and heartbeats when they realized it was over—and the swirl of contradictory emotions that come after the break. Do you believe in life after love?

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I want to
Tell you
Something (heartbreaking), but
I’m not sure
It is in me.


I guess I was eager to get along and now I stared into the face
of a tidal wave and couldn't say, Oh, well,
I like
the idea of surfing.

Your bodies grow and collapse involuntarily. Full of hot air.

A knotted life that doesn’t get to be undone Who here has
a clear, linear rope? Denial! You have to love yr knots


Are you wondering if cheating on your girlfriend bars you forever from
getting respectably paid and
ethically minded employment?

The metaphor was too obvious, I said. The wounded bird. We tried to save it but it was dying anyway. If this were fiction nobody would buy it.

I don’t want children;
I want the freedom to be broke and dumb


I’m clutching my tissue like a Roman rosary praying I pass on my sickness to him.

 Love letters to our contributors


Kira Josefsson & Julia Alsop

Sara Duell, Pallas Athena LLC

Madeline Coleman & Amelia Schonbek

Julia Alsop, Madeline Coleman, Kira Josefsson, Mitra Kaboli, Zoe Koke, Anna Leocha, Drew Nelles, Anny Oberlink, Tommy Pico, RKO, Jeff Sanford & Artemis Shaw

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Mayan Vered

Maggie Prendergast

Jeff Sanford

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