Dear Anna Leocha,
it’s possible that every time we meet we talk about the themes of this book, and you are always so wise about it. We thank you for the calm poise you bring to those discussions and for your contribution to this book, situating love and the end of it in cities.

And Jeff Sanford,
who is beautifully sincere and intriguingly self-sufficient in at least three languages plus poetry. Thank you for letting us print some of your words here, and for giving us the title of the book.

Thank you Tommy Pico,
who is not just generous and kind, provider of velvety giggles on yellow nights, but a genius poet too, for letting us print an excerpt from
Junk. Truly, lines from you are wild and reckless and funny and sad in the most magical way. We are thrilled about your debut book IRL, out on Birds LLC.

To Artemis Shaw,
wry and steady. Being around you is being in good hands, whether that is as a spectator of your films, a guest at your rousing parties, or, as we have now discovered, an editor of your writing. Thank you for bringing us some of the awkward comedy that is the difficult uncoupling of strong feelings.

Thanks Drew Nelles,
surehanded writer and solid presence, for capturing the hazy endpoint, when nothing more can be done, no matter how unclear the reasons are, and no matter how hard you try.

All the love in life to our dear sister-wife:
the magical Mitra Kaboli.
For catching our tears with laughter, for receiving our dumb sad post-breakup texts and responding in kind. For your charisma in person. In radio and in writing. On dancefloors. At 3 a.m.s.

Dear RKO,
what a treat to discover your writing in addition to your films, and to find it so effortless, just like the warmth and brilliance you bring to every room.

Anny Oberlink,
constantly in motion fixing, improving, and organizing, whether that’s a film screening or perfecting the bookstore that’s become such an important place, and so solidly multi-talented that this quiet and cutting piece came out fully finished in just a day, like some kind of jewel.

Madeline Coleman,
person of striking integrity and sharp jokes. We thank you for your constant willingness to listen and give advice, just as we thank you for the deep care you brought to not just the intimate portrait you wrote for us, but also in proofreading the entire book...

...together with Amelia Schonbek,
whose wide-reaching and curious mind is a source of constant delight, whether it’s expressed in thoughtful reporting or exhilarating conversation. It seems like every corner we turn in our friendship shows a whole new horizon, and that is a special thing.

Dear Mayan,
sweetest West Coast babe, carefree and beautiful. You capture the essence of everyone you photograph, bringing out the best in everyone you meet, because you always bring the best in you.


Maggie Prendergast!
With genuine and upbeat enthusiasm, there’s no project or adventure you won’t dive into with all of your heart. We are so grateful for the illustrations that tie this project together.

Dearest Sara Duell,
one of a kind. We can’t think of a better and more trustworthy designer, but of course it goes far beyond that, in that you are a fundamentally and exceptionally good presence in any situation, and have a glittering ability to make things special with the smallest means.

Thank you, Julie,
for co-discovering and co-creating perfectly aligned philosophies and turning it into something outside of us here in this little book; for your joy and for always being down no matter what. Julie-time is impossibly dense in that it is both nighttime and daytime and that fullness bleeds, an excellent model for life.

To Kira, co-editor,
whose unflagging empathy, generosity of spirit, and lightness envelop me on good  and bad days alike. May our spastic techno dancing reverberate from Montréal to New York and beyond, and as lovers flow in and out of our lives, may the love between us and our beautiful peers only strengthen over time.